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BELLCOME is a trademark of ELECTRA S.R.L.
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Dear customers,
We, at ELECTRA, as manufacturers of the products under the Bellcome brand, are highly committed and have taken all the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of Covid-19 at the level of our production facility and among the members of our staff.
The access of unauthorized personnel inside the facility is strictly forbidden.
Disinfectant containers have been installed at each entrance and all across the facility, and it is mandatory for all the employees to disinfect their hands before entering the building, as well as regularly, during working hours.
All door knobs, work spaces and frequently used equipment are disinfected regularly, every two hours.
In the production spaces, a minimum distance of at least three meters is maintained between the members of our team.
The transport services for our staff are provided by a private company, which has confirmed that all the vehicles used are disinfected regularly.
We will continue our production activities for as long as the situation will allow us to do so in the safest environment possible, all while taking every measure that is within our power to keep our entire team healthy.