Frequently Asked Questions
I installed the video/audio door phone and the external panel is giving a continuous tone, is there any problem?
No, there’s no problem. The continuous tone just appears in case the alarm function is activated. There’s a contact switch behind the second screw on the external panel. You need to fasten the second screw then the alarm tone will disappear immediately.

After activating the video door phone there’s a red LED blinking on the external panel, is that normal?
Yes, this is by intention and shows that video surveillance is in progress.

I bought an additional indoor terminal and want to add it to the system, how can I program the additional indoor unit?
You can find the procedure for programming additional indoor terminals here.

Our video door phone has been installed and everything works fine, except that on the indoor terminal I got a blue screen.
Most probably you’ve done a mistake during installation, please check the connections Vout and GNV on the external panel, Vin and GNV and Vout and GNV on the power supply and (for 2 or 3 family versions only on the connection box Vin, Vout, Vout1 and Vout 2) and Vin and GNV on the indoor terminal. If the wiring is correct and you still see a blue screen contact support. For additional information and wiring diagrams please check the manual.

We are using an AC powered electric lock, to which outputs on the power supply I have to connect it?
AC locks need to be connected to LCK on the power supply. Please note that these contacts are dry contacts and are intended only for switching. That means your AC lock needs to be powered through an additional power supply.

We bought a security door with a motor lock, can I connect it to the door phone, if yes where?
Yes, you have to connect the motor lock to LCK. These are dry contacts, the motor lock needs to be powered by the supply of the security door. The door phone just ensures switching the contacts.

We’re using the RFID version and lost one key, how can we re-program all the remaining keys?
Please see the procedure for re-programming of RFID tags here.

We want to add additional camera(s) to our system, which camera we need to buy and where to connect it?
Basically any kind of analog camera can be used, you can see installation details in your kit manual or here.